Over 50 years supplying ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipments

Automotive Series

From 100 to 4.500 L capacity
Lifting machine for up to 2.100 Kg
Auxiliary tank for grease removal

Ship Maintenance


Up to 12.000 L capacity
We specialize in large-scale customized projects
Effective systems for engine and ship machinery mantineance

Injection Molds

Cleaning applications
degreasing applications for molds
Removal of burnt materials (plastics, alluminium, rubbers, soft metals…).
Reduce maintenance costs

Automated Lines

Cleaning, degreasing and metal shaving/dust removal applications
Integrated in your process cycle, without additional manpower
Meet your customers’ quality standards

Multi-stage Systems

Combine cleaning, rinsing and lubricating in one single equipment

With the possibility of automation

Printing Industry

Specially suitable to clean printing cylinders and other ink-covered accessories

No solvents needed


UltraTecno has dedicated more than 45 years to the design and distribution of new ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment. We are committed to offering to our clients the best services and the latest science and technology advances in industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines. We are currently one of the leading companies in the world specializing in the development of ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic technology is a clean and environmentally friendly technology which has constantly paved the way into the market claiming a good position among its competitors. In fact, this new technology offers important advantages compared to more traditional methods.

First, the scope of its uses should be pointed out. UltraTecno uses ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment to provide services to all our clients whether from the automotive, shipping or food industry.

Ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment

In fact, the difference between a high-power industrial ultrasonic equipment and a low-power ultrasonic equipment is that while the second is used mainly for cleaning jewellery and medical instruments, the first is based in energy transmitted by volumetric flow measurements. High-power ultrasounds (HPU) create submicroscopic vapour bubbles that through continuous expansion and contraction generate temperatures up to 5000 K and more than 2000 atmospheres pressure, capable to free the components from any impurities without jeopardising its integrity.

Cleaning industrial equipment

Our ultrasonic systems are capable to clean a large variety of industrial components. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners for sale are friendly environment, using the minimum amount of cleaning products and water, and saving costs.

We can acquire our ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment through one of our worldwide distributors. Our technicians will provide you the best product adapted to your needs. In addition, the installation is quick and simple. You will not even need a large space for its assembly.

Best of all, our services do not end there. In fact, our maintenance service subscription includes regular inspections and resolution of any problem or issue. For any enquiry about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.